Hello Woodworkers



As the web-site name suggests, this is a blog specifically for the woodworker, but much of the material will be enjoyed by any tradesmen involved in the construction industry.

Our goal is to NOT be another instructional or professional source of info. in fact, on many levels we’ll be downright unprofessional. That’s not to say that we won’t hand out an occasional tip, or highlight some interesting aspects of a project from time to time. As a professional, I always enjoy some insight into how other pro’s go about there business and day.  It’s part of the our training – working with other professionals is how we learn.  Herman, the first true trim carpenter I worked with, always said ” It’s what I love about this business – After 40 years I still learn something new every day!”

What we do aim to do is take a look at the woodworking profession (even for those that work with wood as a hobby) from a different angle. Short hitters each week.  Maybe be a little inspirational some weeks, some weeks a story from my years of experience, maybe simply piss and moan.  And let’s not forget to talk about the mistakes. The good the bad the downright ugly.   Stories , antidotes, tips, techniques, inspiration, that only other tradespeople will understand!

If you like and enjoy what you read – tell a friend or five! If you don’t like what you read then please keep it to yourself!

Thanks – until next week, let’s take five



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