Giving Thanks

Our Thanksgiving meal is being prepared as I write, and it seems an opportune time to give thanks for all the blessings in our life.

On a day to day basis it can be easy to overlook the good – It’s a fast paced  world and the business of woodworking can be more about what’s not perfect, not going fast enough or what’s never going smoothly enough.

It’s fitting for woodworkersweekly to think about thanks in terms of what we do for a living.  Working in the wood shop provides a living for myself and family.  That’s a big deal.  While always challenging – the saying goes ‘if it were easy everyone would do it’ – we get the benefits of seeing our works come to fruition.  We think, we see, we build.  Not everyone gets to work in this world.  No job looks the same at the end of the day as it did when we arrived.  Few people get to live that.

We take a day to concentrate on the positives, truly understand the fruits of our labors.  When the first Thanksgivings were celebrated, it was about food.  Enough food for a long winter.  And they were thankful, truly thankful.  Food for the winter meant survival.  That was a pretty big deal.  Nowadays food is plentiful – to the point that it can be taken for granted.  But today, on Thanksgiving, we pause and reflect on what it took to put this magnificent feast on the table.  Not just the work of preparation, but the work to purchase.  It doesn’t represent survival of days past, but it does represent hard work.

That is something to be truly grateful for.

And that’s a big deal.


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