The Bakers Rack

Here’s a quick tip that can save a lot space, headache and money.


We’ve used ‘bakers racks’ in the shop for years.  They’re a great system we use in our finish area.  They were a simple build – using mostly scraps, although I’ve planned on making a little fancier set for the past -oooh 10 years or so.   We can stack a lot of doors/ shelves etc. when putting finish on.  Add a dolly under them and we can maneuver them easily.

We’ve recently been doing closets – which necessitated a larger set of bakers racks for the larger sections.  We didn’t feel the need to get too fancy – we bought some 2″ firing strips from the Home Depot, attached them to some plywood uprights (scrap from the shop).  Used some other plywood scraps to attach three sections together.  We had less than $50 in materials, it didn’t take long to build, and they performed great. (see photo below)


This type of rack works great in the shop, but it’s also a worthwhile investment for on-site work.  You can finish a ton of trim and have room left over!


Until next Friday, take five!


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