The Long Journey : Part II

Next phase – the actual trip and install.  Easy peasy!  A simple 26 hrs of hauling the open tarped trailer, followed by a quick and easy install.  It was blue skies and clear highways predicted for the two day trip.  My wife would accompany me on this trip – who could refuse a few days of sun and frolic in the middle of March?


They say every thing is clear in hindsight.

The first half of the trip went smooth.  We planned to drive into the top of Florida, about 20 hrs of driving, then lay over one day at a relative’s house.  We’d then make the final 6 hr trip and arrive on site at around 10 am.  We had almost 14 hrs into the trip, ahead of schedule, so it seemed an opportune time to look for a place to stop and eat.  That’s when the sky’s started to darken.  Hmmm, “this wasn’t in the forecast” we thought.  As we looked ahead it was a wall of black. Really black.  Armageddon black.   A  few miles to the west the lighting was arcing.  “It might be better than it looks” my wife hoped in her always-optimistic view.


The skies opened up.  Torrential rain came, then we hit the real heavy stuff.  Palm trees bent in anguish against the fierce wind, the weak ones found their way across the highway in front of us.  I think they waited until we neared, then forced themselves in front of the truck.  Cheryl was convinced we should pull over.  As she pointed out – every other vehicle had pulled to the side of the road.  But with our cargo we only became more vulnerable to leaks and damage if we pulled over.  I made an executive decision.

We trekked on.

We did manage to drive out of the rain, but dark of storm led to darkness of night.  The last four hours of the trip would be in the dark.  With about two hours left in the first leg a car drove by honking it’s horn. Hmmm, strange.  These  folks down in the south really are friendly.  They give you a honk right on the highway.  As we continued to drive, a number of those friendly folk honked as they passed.  Sensing a potential problem and needing gas anyhow, we decided to pull over and check things out.  Not a single running light on the trailer!  We were running dark.  Maybe not so friendly.

We were too close to stop now.  I tuned on the flashers and we screamed through Jacksonville.  Maybe the flashers worked, maybe no cops were working that night, maybe they just laughed “stupid Yankee” as I drove by.

We made it to our layover.  The next day we were able to fix the wiring problem.

The last 6 hr leg did go smooth.  We arrived at our destination at 10am!  Just as planned.  Giddy up


Join us next week for the ‘Not so welcome, welcome center!’

until then take another five!


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