Long Nights

To recap-

After months of construction, a long arduous trip, and a run in with the ‘welcome police’ we were able to enjoy a relaxing beer by the bay.

When we travel to jobs we look for accommodations that fit two main criteria.

Price: it needs to be reasonable – ok, ok, it needs to be dirt cheap.  We’re not on vacation!

Proximity to the job site:  the closer the better, but it still needs to be cheap.

The resort by the bay fit both criteria well.  We were pleasantly surprised when we drove in, it’s location on the bay was great.  The tiki bar and live entertainment were truly a bonus.  It was almost like a vacation, maybe a workcation.  At this point in the trip – the stairs delivered and in place – most of the angst and worry were behind us.

We finished off a couple of drinks, thought of having a couple more, but knew morning would come quickly and we had a full day of rail installation ahead of us.  We crawled into our beds.  Yes, beds.  A single queen or king wasn’t available so we were forced into separate singles.  A small glitch that could be overlooked. We let out a groan in perfect unison.  Then a  larger groan. “oh, my,,these beds seem firm” Cheryl spoke.  “yea” I returned.

After an hour of unrest we realized there was but sheet over firm metal springs.   These were only mattresses in the sense that they sat on top of a bed.  We could slip off to sleep for an hour or so, then had to get up to walk around.

Morning finally came, we grunted and groaned as we rose from what felt like the grave.  I walked around the bed stooped over in a giant spasm of pain.  I couldn’t stand upright! Cheryl found humor in this.  My retort was the pain that laughter brought her.

“We should have had a few more drinks” she responded.

“Won’t make that mistake again”

We finally loosened up, made our way for breakfast (not included in the price of the stay)  got through the gates of hell to arrive at the job site.  We worked briskly for the day, finishing up the install on schedule.

Just knowing we wouldn’t face the ‘welcome center’ again put a smile on our faces as we again joined the sea of workers leaving the compound (job site).  As we neared our ‘resort’  we began strategizing ways to survive the next two nights on the mattresses of steel.

“We get to enjoy a full day in Key Largo!  Let’s lighten up.”  Cheryl said in her always optimistic tone.

Good point.  It was snowing back home, it was 76 degrees where we were.

The rooms sat to the left as you drove in.   Two stories tall.  The bay sat directly in front – overlooked by the tiki bar.  On the back side of the rooms a deck and boardwalk cantilevered over the channel that led under the bridge.  The deck was a great place to relax, the boardwalk led to the tiki bar, another great place to relax.

To culminate our successful install and long trip we decided to go out to a nice local restaurant and enjoy a great meal.  I got my shower first, I’m always faster and that gave me a chance to relax while Cheryl showered.  I meandered down the boardwalk to enjoy a couple of those cold Corona’s.  After an hour or so – I figured Cheryl had plenty of time to ready herself.  I made my back through the boardwalk to the back entrance.  No sign of Cheryl out of the shower yet.  “Taking her sweet time” I thought as I closed the door and took a seat on the deck.  I watched as the neighbors fished off the boardwalk, feeding their catch to a few hungry pelicans.  Their music didn’t seem to bother the fish or the pelicans.

After another hour, I got a little impatient.  Enough is enough I thought as I entered the room.  Still no Cheryl.

“Hey!” I called out  “Let’s get a move on here,OK?  The restaurant won’t be open all night!”  “for crying out loud” I finish under my breath.

“I’m in here!”  Cheryl calls out  “I’ve been locked in the bathroom, I’ve been yelling for you” “I can’t get out” she meakly finishes.

Fortunately for me, She had already entered the fourth stage of captivity.  It’s the ‘I’m so grateful to see you stage”.  That’s the stage that immediately follows the really pissed off stage.

I grab the door knob and yank – but to no avail – it won’t budge.

“Hang tight Honey, I’ve got to go to the truck and get some tools. I’ll be right back”

Keeping the victim apprised of what’s going on – I learned that on TV.

After about another 30 mins, I tire of trying to save the trim, grab the crow bar and pry the door open releasing her from her porcelain prison.  Goodness gracious!  You would have thought that would get us a free night stay, I’m guessing it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

In the end the meal tasted great – I think better than normal for Cheryl.  We survived our final night on the mattresses of torture, left a little earlier than planned and had a nice uneventful trip home.


Join us next week when we start a ‘crappy job’, until then take five!



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