The latest Project – a Crappy Job

Our latest project involves using reclaimed lumber.  My relationship with reclaimed wood is love/hate.  I love the results – hate what I go through to get there.

This project added another twist.  We usually source the wood as wood. Lumber. We buy a stack of already sized boards.  In fact I have a ‘guy’, my reclaimed barn wood guy.  He tears down old barns that are on their way out, then salvages the beams and boards.  When I need some – I simply give him a call.

For this job, a neighbor had an old barn on his property torn down, and he managed to save some beams.  He then commissioned me to build a conference table.  Instead of a truck load of lumber to build with, I’m faced with a pile of crap!  A twisted, contorted, mortised, tenoned pile of crap.  Many had whitewash on them.  That’s the lead filled white coating they used to lather the interior of these old barns with.  Add to that, most of the beams were littered with nails. Nails everywhere, and you never get all of them, at least not initially.  We find all of them in the end – with a table saw blade or my favorite- the freshly sharpened planner blade.  Finish off this mess by adding a little crap – literally – as in manure – caked on some of the beams.


I called my guy, Jason.  “Jason! Come on down, your the next contestant on the wood is wrong show.”  and I need you to find something useful in the pile!!


“I don’t know” He said as he looked at the pile.  “It looks a little rotted – I mean a little too rotted”


Not what we wanted to hear!


Join us next week as we continue our journey on the crappy job.  Until then take another five.