The crappy job continues

First off – I need to apologize to my faithful reader for not posting over the last few weeks. But we’ve made it back.

Let’s get right to this challenging project.  A lot of thick, heavy, old timbers to build with.  What we’re faced with is a large pile of stuff.  What, for most passerby’s, would look to be an unusable pile of ‘stuff’.

Therein lies the first challenge.  Picking out some useable timbers.  Deciding how much useable timber you have and what you will use the timbers for.  For this table we decided to go with the longer wider planks that we had sawn for the top.  This wasn’t by accident as we had set out to saw the widest planks specifically for the top.  We were fortunate that all the wider beams were all the same species – beech!

Next we had some of the shorter beams cut into thicker sections.  This turned out to some beautiful cherry beams.

The next phase of this ever growing project is the actual design.  It may seem out of order that we’re just now into the design phase.  We knew we were building a large 4′ x 8′ top, with a trestle base.  But the details depending so much on what wood we ended up with, that we design on the fly to a large extent.  I have to admit that’s one of my favorite parts to these projects – it’s a little break from the usual – and even we don’t know what we’ll end up with.

We decided to go with butterfly dovetails into a trestle base, with a through mortise to accept the stretcher.




The top was about sorting and choosing to get pieces matched together, picking pieces with enough faults- but not too many! – Oh and also to save some of the best hand hewn edges for the sides of the top.


Get back with us next week for exciting pictures of the final project.

Until then take another five!