Full mortise butt hinges

Looking to set yourself apart?  Here’s a way to add professionalism and quality to your cabinets by using fully mortised in hinges on your cabinetry, and not go crazy or spend a week chopping in all those mortises.    From a profitability perspective and ease of installation it’s hard to beat the three way adjustability of todays European hinges. .  But for a true authentic and traditional look – that will last for years and years – we’ve gone back to the full mortised brass butt hinges for our cabinet door.  Yes- they’re harder to install and cost more.  But remember, nothing says professional the way that properly installed butt hinges will.


Here’s a couple of quick pointers on how we do it.


Start with a jig.   Pictured above- two templates – fastened with a spreader the length of the door. Clamp the jig directly to the door, then repeat the process on the face frame (center the jig in the face frame – use shims to accomplish this)




Set up the router with a rub collar.

The key here is accuracy – accuracy of the template, the depth of cut, the cut itself.

After routing – square the corners with a hand chisel to accept the hinge.

repeat in the cabinet face frame.



To set the depth and check the jig I always use a ‘dummy’ piece first – then when satisfied- move to the real thing(pictured above).



It’s a look you can’t get with any other hinge.

True, authentic, durable.


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